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Mensagem  Playboy em Qua Jan 16 2013, 17:15

Follow this instructions to enter to SPC:
1: TM Nickname:
2: TM Login:
3: Been playing TM since?
4: Mode Preference: (where is Time attack or rounds...)
5: Why do you want to join SPC Dirt?
6: Can you speak good English or Portuguese?
7: Are you still currently with another team?
8: What other Teams have you been with in the past?
9: MSN Address?
10: Do you have a good Attitude and are Friendly with everyone?
11: Are you willing to be active on the Forum?
12: Are you willing to compete in Competitions that require Training?
13: What times do you usually play TM?
14: Tell us a little about yourself:

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Data de inscrição : 16/01/2013

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